The clubs in Europe’92 Region provide Trainings Programmes:

Training projects:

  • How to prepare and present a speech
  • Gain selfconfidence in speaking
  • Overcome shyness when speaking in front of an audience
  • Book review and any topics to the clubmember needs
  • Leading a discussion/a business meeting
  • Learn to present yourself/to present a project


All clubs participate in the annual speech contest which progresses through club, national and international levels.


Each speaker at a meeting is normally assigned an ‘evaluator’ who will provide a realistic assessment of the speech together with helpful suggestions for improvement.

The whole concept is to support each other and to gain greater understanding of speaking techniques from analysing the work of fellow club members.

The General Evaluator provides an overall assessment of the meeting. Of course, evaluations are themselves a speaking opportunity and should be delivered as a ‘structured’ speech.