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There are 6 Clubs in Austria located in:
Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna.

Club Szezecin in Poland is also listed.

Guests are welcome  –  free of any obligation.

GRAZ Club Styria (charter year 1990)
Contact: Uta Kraus

LINZ Club Danube (charter year 1988)
Contact: Germaine Heinisch

LINZ Club Lentia (charter year 1984)
Contact: Ulli Grabner

LINZ Club Trends (charter Year 1996)
Contact:Karin Schauer

SALZBURG Club Juvavum (charter year 1985)
Contact: Helga Tollerian

VIENNA Club Vindobona (charter year 1982)
Contact: Brigitte Klima

Club in Poland SZCZECIN
Club Szczecin Contact: Sobito Tatiana



– Start your own club! If there is no club in your area, contact a club near you and we will help you to start your own club.