Council Austria

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH  1.CM on Nov.10.2018 in Linz
Council President

I would like to thank you for choosing me to be Council President.
It is an honour for me.
Being Council President is not my forte as I do this Office the first time.
But with all your help, contribution and support hopefully it will be a successful year.

The big thing about our Austrian Organisation and Clubs is –  believing that we can be a successful example.
But, our Clubs must be willing to look to the future, to transform, to be open-minded and to embrace dissenting points of view.
It is most important that all 6 Clubs in Austria have a united vision.
Clubs in The Netherlands didn’t have this united vision at first. They look closely to Austria, and we could be a Best-Practice example. We still have all 6 Clubs in Austria, and we still even have Council Meetings this year.

And Helga Denk, Past Council President, lead already the cornerstone.
She created this sense of “this is happening, we are in this together and we are not here to mash everything up. Here is the greater future you are going to have”, she said.

The biggest value this organisation has experienced Members.
Please don’t become tired because “you have all done this”. This time of the biggest change we need the most experienced Members, YOU. Please help us to make a success out of it again.

This leads to my Council Motto this Year: PASSION CREATES FUTURE

We are in the midst of a big change and therefore also challenge, but we intend to continue our work to the best of our ability. To accomplish this, we shall have three priorities:

  1. We need the loyalty of our Members. We will need passion, tolerance, and perhaps also patience when things perhaps do not develop immediately the way we had anticipated.
  1. We shall be still a Learning Organisation. Experienced Members shall pass on their knowledge. This will enable younger Members to improve their skills in Communication and Presentation.
  1. The most important thing is to nurture the feeling of belonging to the group, of sharing club life, and to feel joy in carrying out the various tasks. We have had many hours of fun together and it is this team spirit that we have all appreciated over the years.

For this reason, I request today that this team spirit and joy in working together may be maintained.