My Platform

To friends and colleagues of ITC/POWERtalk,

At Convention this year the membership voted to dissolve our beloved organization ITC/POWERtalk International. However, there is something new on the horizon that I am sure you will be interested in. It is a different, vibrant organization focusing on Communication. I told you a little bit about it last May.

Welcome to My Platform!


My Platform is SOMETHING NEW and SOMETHING FRESH. It is an alternative to ITC/POWERtalk.

Our focus is on communication.  Our aim is to be an international provider of a platform where people can come to practice their communication skills in order to grow in confidence and reach their personal potential. We will stimulate you, inspire you and while having a lot of fun will mentor you to perfect your communication skills. Where we differ from ITC/POWERtalk is, there will be no business meetings, no boards, no committees, only a Coordinating Group.


The membership fee for My Platform International is 110 euros per 12 months payable on the date of joining (see for currency conversions). There will be no dues to an Area (council) or District (region). Areas and Districts must be self-sustaining.

Local membership fees will depend entirely on the venue chosen and the refreshment facilities.

International fees will go to providing an international website, a database, international on-line payment facilities and marketing. All communication via the Board of Directors will be cyber based. No funds will be used for travel or meetings.


My Platform concentrates on Communication. Our aim is to be extremely good at it. To be extremely good at something, you have to be “focused” on one thing and one thing only. Our practice platform will give you more than sufficient time and space to concentrate on refining your face-to-face communication skills. We provide candid, effective feedback that will assist you towards your objective, and this all in a friendly gathering of people with similar goals.  Our mission is to provide a supportive, learning environment. My Platform is for confidence, growth and success.


The basis of My Platform is a Group of no less than 10 nor more than 25 people gathered together for face-to-face communication. Each Group is headed by a Coordinator. Assisting the coordinator will be an assistant coordinator/secretary, a finance person and someone responsible for quality control. In layman’s terms, this means someone who is responsible for candid, effective feedback to be given to each speaker.

Groups can cluster to form an Area (council), headed by an Administrator. In due time, Areas can cluster to form a District (region) which can straddle national or international borders.

The International level will be headed by a 6-man Board of Directors which includes a Director, Assistant Director/Secretary, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Quality Control Director.


My Platform has a learning-by-doing format with mentors at your disposal. Our prepared programs include speeches, storytelling, recitals, discussions, presentations and much more with each person receiving candid, effective feedback for improvement. As a learning-by-doing organization each program will include at least one education feature. Furthermore, a comprehensive collection of education features is available via our website to help expand your communication skills. Candid, effective feedback is a consistent item on the meeting program giving you every opportunity to develop and improve. Quality control will ensure you get the direction and advice you deserve. My Platform provides a supportive, inspiring and stimulating environment where you will gain confidence to achieve personal growth. We provide a practice platform to improve your speech, your presentation and even your interview for a new position.

If you would like more information about what you have read then please contact me Mary Flentge ( .

I would appreciate it if you would pass this message on to your own friends and colleagues who may also be interested in something new.


Mary Flentge
“My Platform “confidence – growth – success”