Council Presidents Circular

Council Motto: Term 2018-2019       Passion Creates Future

Council Presidents’

Circular No. 1:  September 2018

Dear Members,

Summer will end soon enough, and hopefully you enjoyed some beautiful days somewhere.

All Clubs will start their activities in a few weeks with new ideas, energy and power – and the Council Board has chosen the Motto of the Year

Passion Creates Future

The Council President really hopes that we will keep passionate about our future and hold strong together!

We need all our experienced Members, Friends and Clubs and also Clubs in The Netherlands,  in the biggest time of change we are going through after dissolution!

To come together we have a chance this year twice at Council Meetings and please be assured that a most interesting programme of Club Danube and Club Juvavum will be organised for the Meetings:

1st Council Meeting Linz                10th November 2018      

Workshop by Uta Kraus “A Short Introduction Into Pitching”

For the term 2018/2019 a Pitch Contest is planned and you will get the Contest Rules soon and Uta Kraus will do a Workshop as preparation for the Pitch Contest.

2nd Council Meeting Salzburg     25th May 2019

Pitch Contest and…… a wonderful Cultural Programme

Regarding fees on Council Level/Council Meetings you will be informed soon by Outgoing Treasurer Barbara Ettel/Incoming Treasurer Margarethe Pischläger.

There is also planned a new procedure on Accreditation  (Heidi Lachs and her team will work on it) which should be incorporated in your Club Activities 2018/2019 since it is important to measure progress of skills we do and learn in some way and hopefully many Members chose to take part.

Dear Members we were part of such a great organisation, we want to keep the standard, but in a more modern way and easier to handle.  As soon as the guidelines are ready you will get them.

The Board hopes you will take part in our suggested goals, in order to learn and have fun together! If you have any question or suggestion please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.


Esther Gelbenegger

Council President