CM2 25.5.19 Information

Council President information: Council Meeting 2 in Salzburg May, 25, 2019

“The Council Meeting in Salzburg is the second gathering in this Club Year that brings us together in the fabulous setting of a city of art, culture and history.
The Council Meeting aims to bring the Members of the 6 Clubs in Austria together, to exchange news and to learn (many Contestants for the Pitch-Contest are very much appreciated) and most importantly, having a very good time all together.
Hopefully, some Powertalk-Members outside from Austria will join our event in Salzburg, too.
Club Juvavum will be the Hosting Club and organised a fantastic and interesting programme.
For anybody who will arrive already on Friday there is a lovely “light cultural” programm, please see attached information.

Please note:
We have  reserved
4  Double rooms including breakfast EUR 130,00
2 Single rooms including breakfast EUR 80,00
Until end of February (Stichwort: Powertalk) in St. Benedikt Gästehaus of St. Peter.
Please book on your own under Tel. 0662 841619-400.”