Letter Helga Denk C2

Helga Denk
President Council 2

Dear members,
In my acceptance speech  I promised   to initiate simpler  rules for the organisation of  Council meetings.   It was a general request coming  from our clubs.  I asked some experienced , long standing members to work out  a working base  for the next board.
Originally we  called   them  “standing rules”  but to avoid any  misinterpretations   we call it  now Manual , and it is a guideline for the next board .
I want to thank especially Paula from club Trends, Barbara and Eleonore from club Danube  for their work. It took them a lot of time, e-mails and brainwork .  The latest draft had been sent via CLO to all clubs  more than a month ago so all members had enough time to read it and form  an opinion.

This Manual  has to be tested in practice. If it turns out to be applicable for the next officers  no amendments are needed.

A lot of discussion centred on how and when this Council should be registered as Umbrella Organization  in Linz.  It was decided to have first the new  guide lines and also  the new board which will be introduced today by our president elect.   With the Manual  as base– the next step will be the working out of bylaws  or Vereinsstatuten.  Then –as it was always planned-Council 2 will be registered at the Vereinsbehörde in Linz.

However, I want to point out that the registration of Council 2 has to be done  only in case membership fees  are taken.  Paula talked with  the Vereinsbehörde and it informed  her that once-the Dachverband  had been registered  -all clubs are bound legally to Council and in case-one club dissolves-  the money the club has on it disposal has to be given to Council. If it turns out that there are too many  regulations  for only having 2 Council meetings  per year  one should be open to  other  solutions-that is , for example, no membership fees at all.  Then the attendants to the Council meeting  pay  only for their consummation   and if needed  an additional small sum- whatever costs  will come up-like flowers for the speech contestants  or a small gift for a guest speaker.

 This is an option we should have in mind.
 You have decided in your club if you will accept the Manual as a working base or not. The delegates have brought the vote.
At the 2nd Council meeting the vote-for or -against the Manual  was taken:
Out of 6  delegates  5 voted in favour, one  delegate voted against .
The Manual is adopted  and will come into effect  the next term.