President’s Message

Dear Members.

The 20th Conference of Europe`92 Region is round the corner.

In 20 days the doors will open at Hotel Eichingerbauer, to welcome Conference attendees from other Europe`92, and from other regions in the world.

We are delighted and grateful that about 90 members and guests have followed our invitation to come together and have JOY OF COMMUNICATION in the beautiful area of Mondsee, Upper Auistria.

It is my pleasure to send you this final information before you start your trip.

As you know, the motto of Saturday`s Gala Dinner is “Let`s Dirndl”  and a Dirndl is an Austrian traditional dress.

Club Vindobona is presenting an After Dinner Show, and for this evening it would be lovely if those of you, who have a traditional dress, would please bring that along.

Please wear your ITC / POWERtalk jewellery pins whenever you wish.

Now I just wish you all an interesting  and safe journey to Mondsee.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

On behalf of the Conference Organization Team
Best regards,

Aase Pichler