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Title: Nature Subtitle: Phases of Life Contestant of Club Danube, Brigitte Schachermayer DALAI LAMA, the famous spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, said the following about the phases of life: „Do live a good life, then you can, when you are old and   look after your life, be happy a […]

Club Danube Speech Contest

Speech Contest at the CM 2 in Graz, Club Styria on March 10th 2018 Contestant: Ingeborg Crailsheim, Club Styria Theme: Nature Title: “Richness in Water” In this case you will not think directly of the gold fever in America. Prospectors retrieved the gold from streams and riverbeds using simple techniques, […]

Club Styria Speech Contest

Contestants: Gabi Rasthofer Melitta Haiböck Ulrike Grabner (winner)     Below the Speech from Gabi Rasthofer         ‘Lost and Found’ When I was a little girl aged about 5, I wondered why the majority of other children around me had a father. I did not have a father and as […]

Club Lentia Speech Contest

Speech Contest Club Vindobona 2018 2nd Place: Mina Amighi Subject: Nature Title: Different perspectives towards nature Do you know how a little child interprets nature? While walking in the woods as soon as finding an appropriate piece of wood, the child would perhaps think of using it as a bow […]

Club Vindobona Club Speech Contest 2018